Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How To Choose A Perfect Blogger Template Easy Way

choose blogger template

In blogger your theme selection is very impotent. Whenever you are looking for a new blogger template then you need to know some something that your template is right for your blog or not. now it's time to follow every step what I will show now.

Searching your template on search engine

When we are looking for template, we are simply writing Blogger template, Nice blogger template, Responsive blogger template, or SEO friendly blogger template etc.... it's ok,
Now i will talk about some very important and useful way to choose your blogger theme.

1. Fresh and pure HTML code

Make sure what template you are going to choose it used by pure code, pure HTML is very important for fast loading speed of your site, It is also part of SEO friendly site, you can also customize easily.

Steps to check pure HTML, now  you need to download an add-one for your browser                            1. for firefox  Click
                 2. for chrome Click
Add this to your browser and restart, now you will see a toolbar like this image on your browser.

Now go to site from where you will download your template and choose a template, after choosing template will get descriptions about it. Don't download it now, 
Now find the demo button and click on it, then go to demo and make sure that your demo has no any frame any other site, frame will be looks like this picture,
web demo button

Now right click  on this demo's main logo and select Copy Link Location and past in on your browser address bar and press enter, now you are on frameless main site. Now site is looks like every other site ok , to check HTML pure or not you have to disable JavaScript and CSS, for that will see top of your browser some options of web developer tool , Disable - Disable JavaScript - All JavaScript.
How to disable JavaScript

Now again disable CSS go-to CSS - Disable Styles - Disable All Styles .
how to disable css
 If this template used by pure HTML then it's navigation menu, sub-menu and all article will looks like this
site without css and JavaScript
otherwise you can't see menu sub-menus properly.

2. Responsive design 

Responsive design is no more optional now a days, responsive design allows to site's layout as change what size of device your visitors use, a wide device will receive your site as a multiple columns and a small device will receive your site as a single column to fit on device, it will be more user friendly. You can also improve your site SEO by using responsive web design.

3. SEO friendly

Make sure that is SEO friendly theme, if it is not then you can't rank well on google and alexa and google can't find any of information from your site to their huge data collection.
You can check this theme SEO friendly or not, there has many sites to check SEO.

4. Easy customizable

I told you about pure HTML, on blogger theme admin panel is very useful to customize your sidebar, navbar, you can add and customize any part of your blog layout, make sure your admin panel is useful for you.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Facts Everyone Should Know Before Write Blog Content What Helps To Grow Including Blogger Platform

before write blog on blogger
Blogging is amazing, thousands of blogger are success on their blog. Now come to the point,  you have a blog or you are going to open a blog it's ok. This article for you.

Remember that when you  write content

                                                      Most important part of blog is content, 80% of blog's success depends on it's content. The question is how to write a good content, no meter what platform you are using. Do not afraid if you are on blogger platfom,
this is ok blogger is owned by google and it is very SEO friendly platform, now you need to know that what really Google likes about content and what google hates about content.

What google likes?

                             Actually google doesn't tell anything in detail what they like or what google wants from your blog. basically google are looking for quality content what helps people and what article people will read by wasting their time. Try to make your audience satisfied.

Write fresh content

                              When it comes to google rank then fresh content is very important, google is always thinking about people, try to attract your audience, try to earn their trust, if you write any what is not trustful them they will never come back to your blog again.  When Google first announced their freshness update back in 2011 (eight years after that first content update patent), based off of their Caffeine infrastructure, they said that the update had impacted 35% of all search queries.

 Content length 

                           How long your article would be? do not make your article too short or too long, if write an article what around 200 words then it will be too short, thins amount is no enough for cover any subject. also don't write an article around 2000 words, this amount will be too long, your audience will get boar by reading this even some people will not read a single line of your para. So from my side 500 to 800 words is best.

What really google hates 

          Content full of ads:  Do not make your site covered with ads, it's not any bad thing to make money but too much ads is not good. However, if it's difficult to separate the ads from the content and if the ads are intrusive enough to provide what Google considers a “bad experience” for the user, your search rankings will falter.
          Hidden text: Do not use any code to hide text from your visitor because it will little affect  search engine, also googlebot doesn't like this.
          Duplicate content: Google are looking for new valuable content for there huge database. Just stay away from duplicate any content.
          flash: I already told that using real text is very impotent for your content, do not use any flash by replacing text from your content.
          Unoptimized image: Make sure you have used alt and title on your image. And also use optimized less size PNG image for your content, Because it will increase content loading time.


             Make sure that you have applied all those thing to your blog article and rank well on google.